1. Everybody is a victim. You can’t act like you don’t know somebody who has been assaulted. If you know ten people, you know somebody who has been assaulted. It happens everywhere. It happens to anybody. Boys, girls, transgender persons, children, adults, teenagers. 

    After everything they’ve been through, do they really need somebody else reinforcing the subconscious thought they might have, of it being their fault? No.

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  2. International Day Against Victim-Blaming on April 3rd commemorates the amazing ongoing international actions against sexual violence and victim-blaming. It’s a day for online activism and conversations towards ending victim-blaming in whatever ways you can. Post pictures. Start conversations. Make a statement. Challenge victim-blaming. Speak out against the intersections of discrimination and shaming that survivors face as women who were ‘asking for it’, people who were drunk, as trans* people and queers, as Indigenous peoples, as sex workers, as prisoners, as migrants, as people of colour, as people living with disabilities, as men, as children, etc. Victim-blaming comes in all shapes and forms and we need to fight back against all of it to support survivors in our communities.
    – SlutWalk Toronto

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  3. On Father’s Day…

    Father’s have influenced and impacted many lives in many ways, sometimes unfortunately using their power to enact sexual violence and blame, doubt and shame victims, and sometimes being incredible spaces of support and love.

    To all the dads, step-dads, symbolic fathers and forefathers that have supported survivors around them and fought for safer communities, thank you and happy Father’s Day. To father’s who have been survivors of sexual violence, we see you, and we wish you a happy today, tomorrow and days hereafter of support.

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  4. Clothing is not consent. More images from this series can be found here.

    Clothing is not consent.

    More images from this series can be found here.

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  5. I’m Against Victim Blaming Because:

    Because enough is enough and I’m so fucking sick and tired of hearing statements that start with “Well I’m not saying (s)he deserved what happened BUT…” or “I don’t mean to justify what that guy did BUT…” or some variation of these. Let’s place responsibility where it belongs…ON THE RAPIST!

    Submit why you’re against victim-blaming here:www.slutwalktoronto.tumblr.com/submit

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